We do our best to ensure the highest level of compliance via our services and that is why we worked for several months on our internal Anti Money Laundering and counter-terrorism financing procedures.

What is our AML verification strategy?

Except for the terrorist and criminal checks, we are not disclosing our Anti Money Laundering verification strategy as most actors in the space. The main reason is to increase security through obscurity, as giving bad actors our playbook would make it more difficult for us to catch them.  

Why we do not mention our AML verification strategy in our Terms of Service and Privacy policy?

AML is included in KYC as per the 5th European Anti Money Laundering directive hence there was no need for us to specifically mention everywhere our Anti Money Laundering verification strategy in the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. Because information is public on the blockchain, there is no need for us to require specific rights from users to analyze blockchain based transactions. You can find more information in our recent article on the PrimaBlock AML and KYC checks.



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