We are pleased to welcome John-John Tedro to the PrimaBlock team, our new Backend Software engineer. As our platform is becoming more and more sophisticated, we want to make sure that we recruit the best tech experts to ensure both security and innovation for our users.


“I think that Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting areas to work in today. It has the potential to be a complete game changer. I am proud to join PrimaBlock. The way that we are working to democratize investment introduces the finance industry to a new paradigm. The founders of PrimaBlock, Mickael, and Tamir, have instilled a strong focus on the areas that are crucial for a breakthrough: a strong sense of quality and a duty to security on behalf of the users. This gives me confidence that PrimaBlock will be successful.”

John-John Tedro

Backend Software Engineer, PrimaBlock


John-John has extensive knowledge of backend systems as he occupied a key position at Spotify building and operating their real-time monitoring solution for five years. This forged his expertise in systems with high-reliability requirements. He also has experience in distributed solutions, which is a big part of PrimaBlock. His broad set of technical skills allows him to take an active role in all stages of a project.



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