We are pleased to introduce Matthew Brauer-Marzio, Director of Customer Service at PrimaBlock. Since its launch in October 2017, PrimaBlock has developed at an impressive rate and the number of users has grown immensely.

PrimaBlock’s number one priority is to serve its customers in the best way possible. Matthew joined the PrimaBlock team as Director of Customer Support to ensure its excellence and improve its efficiency.

Matthew has over a decade of experience in sales and customer support, working closely with customers, educating them about products and product aspects they were not aware of. His previous position as a Customer Account Executive at Comcast forged his expertise in solving technological challenges to convert a despondent customer into a loyal customer.


I’m excited about joining the PrimaBlock team! The mission of democratization of investment is one of the zeitgeist issues of our time. The innovations provided by development on the blockchain and the control that gives back the people are both extremely attractive to me, and important to the world. PrimaBlock has proven itself a leader in this field, and I will contribute my extensive customer service and support skills to help take PrimaBlock to the next level.

Matthew Brauer-Marzio

Director of Customer Support, PrimaBlock


At Intel, he occupied a highly technical position directly helping support in Intel’s development and production lines. He is particularly comfortable navigating through a technical space.

Matthew’s expertise in customer psychology, previous experience in technical troubleshooting, and natural attraction to people will help PrimaBlock provide their customers with world-class support.



Matthew’s superpower is his empathy. Our customers view Mathew as an authentic individual who is likable and approachable. He is someone who can break down blockchain concepts which can be intimidating to those who are new to this space.





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