We are delighted to introduce Elena as the chief marketing officer at primablock. We are growing our ranks by gathering talent that supports our rapid growth and contribute to our strategic development.

Elena’s role is to help primablock define a marketing strategy and bring a progressive vision that supports the company’s overall strategy and objective of democratizing investment.

Elena worked at HSBC in financial advisory which provided her with experience in financial investments and forged her analytical mindset. Thanks to her previous experience as a co-founder she is well versed in various themes such as brand and marketing plan management to the importance of having an enterprise-wide perspective.

I am thrilled to be a part of the primablock team and to contribute to our development. Having built a product that solved a real issue Primablock has had a considerable impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Primablock’s unique vision and capability for technological innovation are transforming the financial investment field. Elena Skliar

Chief Marketing Officer, PrimaBlock

The combination of her creative and strategic mindset brings valuable insight and actionable guidance to primablock. She brings a unique perspective and skill set to drive the business forward while having the ability to juggle a multitude of complex issues.

Following a customer-centric approach, she relentlessly pursues customer expertise to reach a deep understanding of a diverse and global customer base. She is designing new strategies to engage customers with messaging that better speaks to their needs and values.



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