We have the pleasure to present the first article of our brand new blog, we are excited to explain what we do, to introduce our team and to show you why you should come to visit us again.

What’s PrimaBlock?


PrimaBlock is a blockchain platform for pooling funds on Ethereum. Our smart contracts allow you to gather Ether from many people to participate in an ICO. Once the tokens have been delivered to PrimaBlock’s smart contract, everyone in the pool will be able to collect their share of the tokens.


What is an ICO, and what are smart contracts?


We will briefly explain these two terms, but we will be covering these concepts in more detail in our upcoming articles.

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a method of fundraising that works by issuing digital assets (called tokens) in exchange for cryptocurrencies during the start-up phase of a project. During ICO presales tokens are sold in bulk at the best price.

A Smart Contract is a computer program which attempts to digitally enforce a contract between several parties. The integrity of a smart contract is protected by the blockchain.


How does PrimaBlock work?

Check our new youtube channel, we will be publishing tutorials on how to use PrimaBlock features, interviews and other videos on different subjects.

How was PrimaBlock born?


Primablock was started by Mickael and Tamir who worked on the software, and Rolando who worked on the design.

How did you come up with the idea?

We were all in the same telegram group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We noticed that, although pooling funds for upcoming ICOs was pretty common, there were no good tools for managing the whole process. We decided to create a platform that solved this issue using smart contracts. And that’s how PrimaBlock was born. The beta version was launched in November 2017. Since then we have been continuously improving the platform.

Tamir Sen, Mickael Fourgeaud and Rolando Mathias

PrimaBlock's co-founders


We will release more articles on the latest features of PrimaBlock, and the features to come.


Who is behind the scenes?

 Mickael Fourgeaud

Mickael Fourgeaud

Co-founder & CEO

The Visionary

He is the director of business development at PrimaBlock

 Tamir Sen

Tamir Sen

Co-founder & CTO

The Tech Genius

He wrote the original PrimaBlock contract and improves the platform daily

 Mattew Brauer-Marzio

Mattew Brauer-Marzio

Director of Customer Service

The Customer Saviour

He is the light in the dark for customers encountering any type of issue concerning Primablock.

Elena Skliar

Elena Skliar


The Captain of Marketing

She is here to inform you about everything that happens inside and outside the company

What will you find on our blog?

We hope that you enjoyed our first article and we hope to see you soon! kiss



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