PrimaBlock is proud to announce that Christian Bick is going to support PrimaBlock with his experience in developing outstanding products. In a field where tech innovation is moving at a breakneck pace, our technology needs to be accessible to a more general audience. We want PrimaBlock to be an investment tool for everyone.

Christian’s role is bringing product expertise to the team, finding a package that will transport a highly sophisticated technology into a product that can appeal to everyone, providing a bridge between the user needs and engineering.


I am excited to work with Primablock because it was created in the most authentic way that a startup can be created. While Tamir and Mickael explored the crypto community, they realized that there was no product that made it easy to participate in ICOs. So they came up with a solution and brought forward a real innovation. This is why I believe that Primablock is precisely the kind of startup that innovative people want to work with.

Christian Bick

Product Explorer, PrimaBlock


Christian has more than ten years of experience working for tech startups and innovative midsize companies with an objective of developing new products. Among the companies he has worked with: Workstreams and United Nations World Food Program where user activation and retention were key success factors. Focusing on the stickiness of the product, Christian is an expert in converting a curious visitor into a returning customer. He greatly influenced the success of companies he worked with and played an important role in them winning prestigious awards in entrepreneurship like Google Play Awards and SXSW Innovation Award. 

Christian’s primary objective is to increase users’ trust by improving the user experience. He aims to fluidify the interface, to make it user-friendly with no surprises. Thanks to his skills in lean analytics he adds a systematic approach to answering the question “What should we do next?”.



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