Primablock is proud to announce that our team has just grown even bigger and stronger thanks to the addition of Andrii Sydorchuk, our new Software Engineer. We could not be more delighted about how far we have come since our launch, from the sheer number of our users to the progress we’ve made with our technology to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from the blockchain community.

Andrii joined the team to build, enhance and scale technology that powers PrimaBlock.

Andrii has a solid background occupying key technical positions in large companies. He previously built distributed backend systems at Google and built data-driven services for the content insights and payments teams at Spotify.


I believe the future belongs to human-first decentralized intelligent systems. PrimaBlock is one of the pioneering companies in making that vision come true. Our users, product, and the team are uniquely positioned to revolutionize investment space.

Andrii Sydorchuk

Software Engineer, PrimaBlock


He has acquired a unique skill set in data processing systems and machine learning. Already used in Finance, these techniques can considerably benefit crypto investments.

Andrii’s passion for digital problem-solving and his experience working in successful companies with strong engineering culture makes him a valuable asset at PrimaBlock.



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