We are pleased to announce that we have concluded our first security audit. The audit was led by Longterm Security, an independent security firm made up of dedicated researchers and engineers with experience in security roles working for large companies (Apple, Samsung, and Spotify). They reviewed every layer of our tech stack, from the smart contract to the front-end.

We are impressed with Longterm Security’s thoroughness and professionalism. They found a few subtle issues which had escaped us during code review. We have already implemented fixes for most of the issues discovered by Longterm Security. The remaining items are not exploitable, related to best practices, or concern code which is still in development and has not yet been released.

At no point were Longterm Security able to find an exploit where an attacker could steal funds or tokens from contributors.

Note that it is already well known that a pool admin can misuse pool funds. We remind you that PrimaBlock pools are not yet trustless and require that pool admins act in good faith.

We plan to continue having security audits on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your funds.

Longterm Security does not endorse or recommend investments in the cryptocurrency space. Also, although Longterm Security has tried their best, their audit is not a 100% guarantee that there are no outstanding, unidentified security problems.



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