We completed our first security audit in late February 2018. However, as any programmer will tell you, software is never “done” and is always evolving. Since our audit in February, we’ve released numerous features and code changes to all levels of our tech stack. Blockchain products have to meet a higher standard of quality and security because a lot is at stake. One small mistake can have severe consequences. That is why we are committed to having external security audits on a regular basis in addition to our internal security reviews. We were delighted to continue working with Longterm Security, who did an excellent job during our first security audit. Longterm Security is an independent security firm made up of dedicated researchers and engineers who have experience improving the security of large tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Spotify.  


We recently released a feature on PrimaBlock which gives users the option of creating KYC restricted pools. If a pool is KYC restricted that means only contributors who pass our KYC process can contribute to the pool. Since we are now handling sensitive documents, we asked Longterm to give extra scrutiny to our KYC backend.

Longterm examined all areas of our codebase including our smart contracts, our backend services, and our frontend. We are delighted to report that the result of our audit was very positive. Longterm Security was not able to find any way to jeopardize the funds or tokens in a pool. They were not able to find any vulnerabilities in our KYC backend either.

We have included a public version of Longterm’s report. Please take a look! In the public report, we have removed information that revealed too much about our implementation details. However, no issues were omitted from the original document given to us by Longterm Security.

As founders of PrimaBlock, Mickael and I have had a hand in all parts of the PrimaBlock codebase. Although we now find ourselves to be entrepreneurs, we consider ourselves to be technologists first and foremost. We are very proud of the engineering quality behind PrimaBlock. That quality will only improve now that we’ve recruited exceptional engineers who will propel PrimaBlock to a level we could have never achieved just by ourselves. Tamir Sen

CTO, PrimaBlock

*Longterm Security does not endorse or recommend investments in the cryptocurrency space. Also, although Longterm Security has tried their best, their audit is not a 100% guarantee that there are no outstanding, unidentified security problems.



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