Creating a test pool is an amazingly good idea when you’re new to the system, or just have some questions about how it all works. Here is a guide to help you through that process.

If you prefer watching a video tutorial, click on the link for our Official Tutorial “How to create a Pool on PrimaBlock” on youtube.

You are going to need 2 things

  1. Access to our PrimaBlock test site with an account already registered:
  2. Rinkeby Ether in a Rinkeby Testnet wallet.

Example of MetaMask

Step 1: Click “Create a Pool” button on home page.

Or from your account Dashboard.

You should see this page:

Step 2: Fill out the Create a Pool fields


a. This is your wallet address that has the Rinkeby Ether. It will also be the address used to create your pool as well as the main admin for the pool, so it should have enough ETH to pay for the gas cost of the deployment transaction.

b. Maximum Allocation is the total size of your pool. How many ETH it can hold.

c. Maximum Per Contributor is the maximum limit each Contributor can put in.

d. Minimum Per Contributor is the minimum threshold everyone must contribute at the beginning to participate. You can make additional deposits of smaller amounts later after the minimum has already been contributed.

e. Admin fields are set in stone they cannot be changed later. They have all the same powers as the pool admin. They can payout, refund, confirm tokens, and transfer ETH, so only add people you trust!

f. Pool Fees are whatever % you set for yourself as the creator + the .5% that goes to PrimaBlock. The other admin wallets that are entered earlier will not receive any of the fees. The fees are held in escrow until the tokens are confirmed.

g. The Whitelist can be edited later and can control who can contribute to the pool.


i. Hit the “Submit” button

Step 3: Next you will see this page. It is asking you to send a 0 ETH transaction to deploy the PrimaBlock smart contract.



Note: MetaMask, MyCrypto, and MyEtherWallet are built directly into our platform. We encourage you to use these for both security and convenience. We also support Cipher, Trust, Toshi, Status, Mist, and imToken. Keep in mind though that Coinbase and other exchange wallets can’t get ERC20 tokens and so don’t work with PrimaBlock

Manual Transaction: You can, of course, do a manual transaction, but whenever we fill out the fields for you, make sure you never delete or edit them by accident as it can cause problems.


Example of manual transaction


If you choose to use MetaMask the transaction will look like this:


Example of Metamask

Note: While it is a 0 ETH transaction, there is a gas cost associated with making a transaction on the blockchain and that cost is paid by the Creator wallet.

As a reminder, this action is sending a transaction on the network which deploys the pool as a contract on the blockchain, we are not sending ETH anywhere (yet).


Step 4: Success! Once the transaction is confirmed, this next screen will have a link for you to share with your Contributors. The transaction may take a minute to be confirmed on Etherscan so just be patient.


On this page, you can hit the “Copy” button and give that link out to your contributors so they can start joining your pool. To proceed to your Pool dashboard hit the “Go to Dashboard” button.


Step 5: Confirm your settings. You can adjust the Allocation amounts with the pencil button in the Allocations box, as well as the Whitelist at the bottom. Notice though, that you cannot adjust Auto Distribution, Admins, or a locked Destination Address.



You can click the “Copy Contributor Link” button to copy and send to more Contributors if you lost the link earlier. Once the Project completes and you are ready to send the tokens back, make sure you send them to the Contract Address not the wallet address.



Congratulations! You have just created your first Test Pool! Feel free to test as much as you want on this platform. It is here for you to get comfortable before setting up your real one on


Good luck and Happy Pooling!

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