We want to make sure you are up to date and able to take full advantage of the PrimaBlock platform. Here are our main features we released recently, we hope they will make your life easier!


My pools dashboard


This feature helps you keep track of all the pools you have contributed to and created.

The “Contributor” tab shows all the contributions you’ve made and the “Creator” tab shows all the pools you’ve created. The “Contributor” tab will show the status of all the pools you participated in.

You will also be able to see if there are any pools where you have unclaimed tokens / ETH. Log in to your account, or register if you are a first time user, and add your wallets to see all of your pools.

Locked destination address

We have added the option for pool creators to lock the destination address (the address where the pool’s funds will be sent) when creating a pool. If you choose to configure that option you will no longer have the flexibility of changing where the pool funds will go. On the contributor side, you will be able to see if a pool has been configured with a locked destination address.

New wallets supported

PrimaBlock now supports Web3 enabled browsers and mobile wallets: Metamask, Cipher, Trust, Toshi, Status, Mist, imToken

Coming soon


We are getting ready to push out a series of major updates to the website, including features allowing:

The option to create pools which require KYC from contributors
Pool creators to verify their account. Pools created using a verified account will look different than other pools. Contributors will be able to reduce the risk of getting scammed by participating in pools created by verified accounts.
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