Following our “email notifications” feature we are now introducing “Notifications sent via Telegram”. This new feature will allow you to be easily informed about the state of the Initial Coin Offering pool(s) you contributed to.

There are four notification types:

  • tokens are available for distribution
  • an ICO pool has been canceled
  • an ICO pool has been refunded
  • tokens that were locked have become unlocked

All Primablock users with a Primablock account will be able to receive notifications relating to all their cryptocurrency pools. To receive telegram notifications:

1. You must have a Primablock account

2. Go to general —> settings to verify your telegram account

Tick “telegram notifications” and follow the steps.

Once you enter your phone number you will receive the message below on your Telegram account.

Once you confirm; the message below will appear in your PrimaBlock account.

Finally, after you “accept” you will receive a confirmation message below on your Telegram account.

To unsubscribe from the Telegram notifications you have to untick “telegram” in your profile→ settings.

Happy pooling!



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