Thanks to our new “Email Notifications” feature, you won’t miss any valuable information relating to the ICO investment pools you created or contributed to. By sending you all the vital information straight to your email, Email Notifications keep you up to date with everything you need to know regarding your pool(s).

All Primablock users with a Primablock account will be able to receive notifications relating to all their Initial Coin Offering pools. To receive notifications, you must have a Primablock account. These notifications will be sent to the user’s email that is tethered to their PrimaBlock account.

There are four notification types:

  • ICO tokens are available for distribution
  • an ICO pool has been canceled
  • an ICO pool has been refunded
  • ICO tokens that were locked have become unlocked

By default, users with a PrimaBlock account will be subscribed to the notifications. To manage your notifications go to Profile —> Settings.

We are currently working on:

  • Sending notifications via Telegram
  • Displaying notifications on the PrimaBlock platform itself

We will release these updates in the next weeks!



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