In the coming weeks, we will be releasing multiple updates focused on transparency, trust, and privacy.

A lot of changes are already getting deployed to our backend without impacting the classic user flow. But the first visible steps made it through to the frontend: new pool URLs and user profiles. We’ll post more info in the coming days about what we’re cooking up behind the scene for you. In the meantime here are a few details on the new URLs. Though first: Old pools are still accessible through the old URLs.

Original PrimaBlock pool URLs were proudly displaying the pool contract address on the blockchain. It was pretty handy to access a specific pool before the account dashboard went live. You just needed to pull the contract address from a spreadsheet or checking your ethereum transactions and voila, you got the pool URL. Although this system was simple and handy, it also came with a large privacy issue. Even if you can restrict contributions to your pool via a whitelist, it was possible for anybody looking at the blockchain to see the pool dashboard. There wasn’t much to see. But as a creator, it would be interesting if I could customize my pools by adding information such as a title, a description… but without necessarily the whole world knowing about it.  

That’s where the new URLs come into play.

Instead of using the smart contract address, the new URLs now use a randomly generated ID. So now there’s no way to see the pool dashboard even if you scan the blockchain to find PrimaBlock pools. No changes for contributors, they can view the dashboard if the creators shared the pool link with them.  If you’re familiar with YouTube, this feature is comparable to the “unlisted” privacy setting on Youtube videos. As previously stated, pools created before the update are still accessible via the old URL as well as the new URL. But pools created after the update are only accessible through the new URL schema.

We’ll post more info in the coming days about the different updates coming, so, stay tuned 😉 

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